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About My Friend Chloe

My Friend Chloe is like a real friend, she's so much more than a talking doll or app toy! Get to know her by asking questions about her family, favourite foods, hobbies, pets and more. Chloe also loves to answer tricky questions about things like animals, countries and famous people. She can also play games, tell stories and talk about pictures in her photo albums. Chloe is 18" tall and comes with a hairbrush and mirror. Download the free app to an Android or iOS smart device and connect to Chloe via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. There are multiple safeguards in place to make her internet safe. Chloe can understand almost anything you say by using speech-to-text technology. You can also meet Chloe’s best friend, My Friend Cayla.

Smart device required for all play modes (not included). Some play modes require an internet connection speed 3G or faster, broadband via Wi-Fi recommended.

Users of the iOS app can ask up to 3,000 questions which require an internet connection– approximately 50 continuous hours back-to-back! An add-on can be purchased for a small fee. There’s no limit to how much Chloe can talk about herself, play games, and so on. Android users have unlimited use.